Dripping Color Amazement
Malerei kuratiert von Brent Hallard (San Francisco)

6. Oktober 2012 – 3. November 2012

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Michael Bause/ Berlin | Ruprecht Dreher/ Berlin | Brent Hallard/ San Francisco | Gilbert Hsiao/ New York | Isabel Kerkermeier/ Berlin | Lev Khesin/ Berlin | Jan Klopfleisch/ Berlin | Dennis Meier/ Berlin | Naoshi Okura/ Kobe | Cordula Prieser/ Bremen | Jessica Snow/ San Francisco | Henriette van't Hoog/ Amsterdam | Don Voisine/ New York | Guido Winkler/ Leiden

Dripping Color Amazement
Following the exhibitions Für das Abstrakte gibt es keinen Ersatz (2009), Im Raum nichts als Farbe sehen (2010) and If we cannot free ourselves, we can free our vision (2011), concieved by Rolf Ricke, the current exhibition at Gallery oqbo also explores the possibilities of the pictorial by means of painting.
Curator Brent Hallard (San Francisco) presents a selection of works that plays color at the center. On display are mainly works of abstract painting, accompanied by threedimensional objects situated in between sculpture and panel painting. The works presenting current position of abstract painting range from lyrical abstractions to hardedge, op-art, and knitted architectural objects.

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