Fukt , a magazine for contemporary drawings

Präsentation durch den Herausgeber Björn Hegardt

1. Oktober 2010

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FUKT– MAGAZINE FOR CONTEMPORARY DRAWING The annual Berlin-based magazine was founded 1999 in Trondheim, Norway and focuses on drawing as an independent research and artistic practice. FUKT intends to uncover the potential forces of a medium such as drawing and its possibility to reach innumerable conceptual and expressive directions. The Norwegian artist Björn Hegardt is the founder and editor of the magazine. FUKT is an international magazine, inviting the most interesting artists and writers to present their views on contemporary drawing. The Issue 8/9 was created during Hegardt’s residency at Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw during spring 2010. The largest so far double issue of the magazine comprises works of as many as 32 artists. The section FUKT IN FOCUS presents the work of artists invited by Björn Hegardtt. In the part INVITED TO INVITE the selection was made by thirteen curators invited by the editor.